Global localization strategy

Global business should be able to give a good impression to foreign buyers and customers. Global cosmetics development should take into account cultural differences across countries through localization strategies.

Raw material sampling (SEO)

After the development of raw materials, we provide samples to buyers to produce products after the final complaint.

Converging Projects

Marketers and designers participate in the project to develop the product as an efficient public relations & marketing tool.

Quality management system

Quality control can be achieved through outsourced planning and monitoring of the performance of the suspension. Project progress can also be monitored in real time with the customer.


The maintenance service communicates with the customer, and strictly controls the quality of the work.

Make a small amount of cosmetics

We will produce various cosmetics with the minimum quantity you want.


Technical management (MOT) professional manpower training business

To raise technical knowledge and management ability to play a key role in creation of global new market

Provide support services related to technology commercialization to SMEs and support the company to receive technical marketing services through support

Designed a business intelligence (BI) commercialization support organization to commercialize creative ideas of individuals and early companies, contributing to commercialization of ideas and promotion of technology transfer and commercialization


Business idea (BI) business support business

Development and supply of tailor-made solutions through development of platform SW · HW technology and development and implementation of successful models for domestic SMEs to enhance smart level of domestic SMEs and support new manufacturing methods To improve the productivity of the manufacturing industry * Factory to produce customized products with minimum cost and time by integrating all processes such as product planning, design, manufacturing, process, distribution and sales into IT