What we do?

Make a small amount of cosmetics

We will produce various cosmetics with the minimum quantity you want.

Cosmetic raw materials production

We will develop only the raw material, not the finished product, and we will make it according to your desired concept.

Product concept and planning

We plan and design products according to customer's needs and help any companies to do cosmetics business.

OEM / ODM Process

Cocoo Co.,Ltd is a company that is progressive and changing according to the present and future trends through market research and product development, not just a trustee. We have a professional production system and we are confident that we can produce the best results in our competitiveness such as improvement, development, and after-sales management in merchandise planning.


OEM-As a method of ordering branding and production, we develop customized formulations for customized designs and trademarks It is the method of producing and delivering finished products

ODM-We provide products based on manufacturer's own technology and research results such as product planning, development, quality control, shipment by manufacturer's development and production method.


Establish marketing strategy for customer's needs and environment such as online promotion, SNS marketing, digital and contents marketing

Our Services

Marketer-Involved Projects (Convergence Projects)  A professional marketer can fully understand the customer's market environment and the level of the end customer's viewpoint and set the correct project execution goals for PM (Project Manager)

On-offline identity unification (convergence project)

Designers can collaborate to create a corporate value by consistently presenting corporate and brand identities on-line and off-line.

Precise Development Process

Valuable development experience and systematic development process enable us to create works that are better than our initial expectations.

COCOO Style?

Cocoo Co.,Ltd. produces all projects in a global, localized style that is simple, high quality, and excellent in information delivery. In addition, design and usability are carefully considered for use in multi-device applications.

Outstanding quality

All programs are conducted at a high level of quality. Users can feel their excellence in operation efficiency and performance.

High information transfer

We utilize superior product planning ability and quality to enhance information delivery capability.